The following support services are included in all packages


We offer you the best dental treatments in the best clinics in the city with specialists in:

Executive Medical

We believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with
prevention. This service is for all people who want
comprehensive medical care without restrictions, with the best professionals, to make early diagnoses, study signs and symptoms, follow up on chronic diseases, and thus access the medical treatments necessary for
your well-being.

Aesthetic Medicine

We provide access to all the non-invasive aesthetic treatments you have always wanted, such as:

Or any other cosmetic procedure you desire. Contact us and tell our doctor what you want so we can make it real.

Plastic and

Now you can access all the surgical treatments you have always wanted.

Orthopedic Prosthesis

You can have the orthopedic prosthesis that you deserve, custom-made, according to your lifestyle, comfortable and within your reach:

Bariatric Surgery

Losing weight is no longer an unattainable dream. With our bariatric surgery program, you can be assessed virtually in the early stages of the process to be later surgically intervened by the best bariatric surgeons. In this program you will have:

Stem Cell Treatments

In Medellin, we are pioneers worldwide in stem cell treatments, so through us, you can access stem cell treatments such as:


We take you by the hand towards the family you have always dreamed of with reproductive medicine services through the following options: