MedTravel is a Colombian-American company based in the city of Medellin-Colombia.

You can easily schedule an appointment through our website, social networks, and virtual agenda.

With MedTravel, any person over 18 years of age can travel with his/her companion (must also be over 18 years of age) and who does not present any medical restriction for the trip.

Credit or debit card through the platform available on the website.

At MedTravel, we believe in integrated care. Therefore, we provide services in 3 areas:

  • Medical Area: It is in charge of your appointments, procedures, and permanent advice by health professionals.
  • Logistics Area: It oversees all the coordination to make your trip easier, including flights, accommodation, food, transportation in the city, and extras such as tourism and unique experiences.
  • Support area: In charge of taking care of you during your recovery, focusing on home care and pain management.

Our commitment to the safety of our patients is a priority, which is why we require all our allied clinics and hospitals to comply with all the requirements set forth by the Colombian Ministry of Health.

At MedTravel we care about your safety, so before you travel we get you the necessary medical insurance for the potential complications of the medical services provided or any emergency that may arise in this regard.

We understand that in life, various situations may arise that force you to reschedule your itinerary, however, it will be subject to extra costs that are determined in part by external agents, such as airlines, lodging and the transportation operator.

Once you make the payment, we will start with the scheduling of the services you have contracted, so the reimbursement is subject to study and the percentage will depend on the payments already made to third parties.

In MedTravel we make sure that all our health collaborators are registered in RETHUS, which is the platform designed by the Colombian Ministry of Health for the registration of all certified personnel. You can verify any ally in this platform.

You should bring comfortable and loose clothing, you may need to bring the necessary money to cover medications, souvenirs, personal expenses or any other service that is not contracted with us, but the main element you should bring is the desire to change your life.

Yes, there is a small fee which is intended to reserve and secure the space with the consulting physician.

All your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, will not be used for commercial purposes and will only be shared with your immediate medical team. We comply with Law 1582 of 2012 (Habeas Data).

No medical procedure is risk-free and this is something you should be aware of, however, all the staff is highly trained and in case of a complication during your procedure, the team performing the procedure will take care of it and the insurance purchased for your trip will cover the details.

If you are already in your place of accommodation and you present any alarm symptoms described by your medical professional, you do not feel well or you have any urgent questions, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to the lines provided for this purpose, there we will evaluate the situation and define the action to be taken. In case you have hired a nurse to accompany you, they will be in charge of notifying and activating the route of action.

In medical procedures, results cannot be guaranteed, however, our health team is obliged to offer you complete and reliable information about the risks and success statistics of the service you wish to hire, so that you are informed prior to your trip. During your stay, our medical and nursing staff will accompany you every step of the way to minimize the risk of complications.

Whenever you have any doubts, you can contact the WhatsApp unique line to verify the data of the person offering the service and the official payment routes.

In MedTravel we care about your comfort, that is why after defining with you the expectations of accommodation, we will present you the option that best suits your needs.

You only have to inform us of the new schedule so we can coordinate again the rest of the contracted services, such as transportation and lodging.

In case you detect errors in the data or scheduling of your flight tickets, accommodations or other services, contact your MedTravel advisor immediately.

You can hire the services you want from our portfolio, just tell your consultant what you want in your trip and he will make it happen.

You should contact your sales consultant and he will inform you of the new options and if there is any surcharge for it.

There is total freedom in the choice of the place and the professional who attends you, so you can change your professional or institution if you wish.

Through WhatsApp you can write us 24/7 and for calls from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 5pm EST.

Since the initial quotation is subject to exchange rate variations, it is valid for one week from the date of submission.

The contract will be sent to you for digital signature, in case you need this document again, you can request it through the e-mail

You can write us by WhatsApp, Instagram, or email; we will be happy to answer your questions.

  • +57 (317) 513 8 523