About us

Medtravel was started in 2021 by two health professionals, a nurse and a doctor, interested in promoting medical tourism in Colombia with the highest quality standards.

It is a company in charge of the logistics for patients interested in undergoing medical, dental, and wellness treatments in health institutions authorized to provide such services.

It seeks users’ satisfaction by promoting a comfortable and safe stay, ensuring high-quality treatments and a humanized and caring accompaniment with superior technical-scientific standards.

Have you checked how much your insurance covers for the procedure you need, or does it even cover it? Why should a million-dollar company decide what health care is best for you? Those very questions drove the founders of MedTravel, Daniel and Daniel, a doctor and a nurse, who don't believe in borders when it comes to bringing people closer to their healthier versions and finding a solution to their health needs. Instead, they realized that their country and city could be the answer. You will access a better quality of life and a unique experience tailored to your needs. We offer you the opportunity to travel to one of the most beautiful and innovative cities in Latin America for a much lower price and much higher quality (both in humanized care and medical skills) than you could access anywhere else. So, let us guide you on your trip, schedule your appointment with professionals and certified health centers, and organize your itinerary, hotel 

In the middle of the Colombian Andes lies the beautiful Aburra Valley, where spring is everlasting. Medellin was born and grew here to become the cosmopolitan city it is today, where you can find a mix of tradition and innovation like no other place in the world. Nominated in 7 World Travel Awards categories and winner of South America's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination 2022, Medellin is quickly becoming an iconic place to visit not only for its diverse gastronomic offerings, exciting nightlife, and biodiversity, but also because it is home to the highest quality health services in the region, with several of the most renowned health centers, hospitals, and clinics in Colombia and South America. Medellin is a hub of fun, culture, excitement, wellness, and opportunities for a better quality of life. 

Medellin has evolved rapidly since its most difficult years in the 1980s and has become a city sprouting with progress, innovation, and transformation. It is now considered the best urban destination in Latin America, according to the World Travel Awards 2020. It received the distinction as a Smart Tourism Destination, awarded by the State Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Government of Spain. Medellin is also known in Colombia for its wide and fast WiFi coverage with multiple public and coworking connections, which makes it worthy of its 4th place in the ranking of the best city in the world for remote work according to the German company WorkMotion. It is worth noting that the city has some of the cleanest water in the region, so clean that you can drink directly from the tap! For all these reasons, we can confidently say that Medellin is a safe place to travel, and with MedTravel, your adventure will be guided by our bilingual healthcare professionals at all times. They are native to the city, so you can easily navigate cultural differences.

Redefining Healthcare


To safely promote medical tourism in Colombia with high-quality standards through humanized services.


To be a startup recognized as a leader in medical tourism in Colombia, for its high sense of humanity in the treatment of international patients and for providing timely and safe services.

Professional doctors and administrative team

Dr. Daniel Alberto Gómez
Dr. Daniel Alberto Gómez PHYSICIAN
Dr. Daniel A. Gómez A.. Family Physician graduated from CES University in Medellin Colombia, currently attending a Masters in Bioethics at CES University. Certified with advanced English by FLS International of the State of Massachusetts.
Dr. Daniel
Dr. Daniel NURSE
Chief Nurse Officer Daniel Valencia C. Registered Nurse graduated from University of Antioquia in Medellin Colombia, Double masters degree in hospital management and auditing from the UCC university. Currently attending a Masters in Bioethics at CES University.
Dr. Stephanie Quiceno
Dr. Stephanie Quiceno DENTIST
Dr. Stephanie Quiceno C. Dentist graduated from CES University in Medellin, Colombia, Dental hygienist in the state of Florida, current Physician Assistant student at Northeastern University in the state of Massachusetts.